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Spicy Hummus

A creamy puree of chickpeas with a kick! Blended up to perfection with jalapenos, red pepper, lemon, garlic, paprika, and tahini.

Pine Nut Hummus

Hummus is delicous on its own, but top it off with golden, fragrant toasted pine nuts and you've got pure decadence!

Original Hummus

A creamy dip made of pureed chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, and tahini, delightful with soft pita bread, crackers or crisp crudite!

Garlic & Scallion Hummus

For all you garlic lovers out there! This hummus is jam-packed with fresh garlic and scallions, blended to creamy perfection with chickpeas, tahini and lemon.

Baba Ghannoush

Not only fun to say, its fun to eat! Roasted eggplant is pureed with tahini, garlic, jalapeno and lemon into a creamy, satisfying dip!