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Carrot Beet

Carrot and beet juice, a local favorite!


Regular or Decaf

Fresh Apple Juice

Fresh squeezed apple juice, made to order!

Fresh Apple Lemon Juice

Fresh squeezed apples and lemons combined to make a sweet and tangy treat!

Fresh Carrot Celery Juice

Fresh extracted carrot and celery juice - crisp and refreshing!

Fresh Carrot Ginger Juice

Fresh carrots and ginger, squeezed on site to extract their delicious jucies for a beverage with a kick!

Fresh Carrot Juice

Fresh squeezed carrot juice, made to order! Load up on your Vitamin C and keep the colds at bay!!

Fresh Orange

Everybody love fresh-squeezed OJ!!

Hot Tea

Hot tea brewed with fragrant cardamom


Our twist on lemonade, squeezed fresh! With apple and honey to sweeten it up!