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Ala Carte Food items

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Baked Kibbee

Fresh ground beef, mixed with fragrant
spices, cracked wheat and pine nuts and baked to perfection!

Cabbage Rolls

Ground beef, rice and spices handrolled in cabbage leaves and steamed with lemons and whole garlic cloves.

Cheese Pie

Soft flat bread topped with melty mozzarella! Great for kids, parties and appetizers!

Filo Spinach Pie

Flaky filo dough wrapped around spinach and feta cheese


A local favorite! Fragrant rice spiced with cinnamon, tossed with
chicken, ground beef, almonds and pine nuts.

Kibbee Balls

Ground beef, cracked wheat, pine nuts, onions and spices shaped and fried to crispy perfection!

Lebanese Rice

Vermicelli pasta and rice cooked and fluffed. The perfect side to any meal.

Meat Grape Leaves

Fragrant beef and rice hand wrapped in grape leaves and steamed with lemon. Perfect finger food for parties and get-to-togethers!

Meat Pie

Ground beef, onions, pine nuts, and savory spices wrapped in a soft pastry and baked until golden!


Lentils sauteed to a rich golden brown with onions and cracked wheat!